The success to any project starts with careful planning to ensure a desirable outcome. All design by Gabriel Custom Kitchens is carried out with our customer in mind. We take the time to consider your personal tastes and lifestyle, to ensure all customer requirements are satisfied. Every project is unique as are our clients. These elements are carefully considered and integrated into every design, so as to provide an aesthetically pleasing, functional product that will stand the test of time. Our design service can be customized to include any design element from structural to soft furnishings.

Project Management

Project management is vital to any successful renovation or new construction. Gabriel Custom Kitchens provides a comprehensive project management service to ensure smooth installation of all projects. The core of our project management service is to put design into reality. Our project managment service is highly flexible as every project is unique and requires careful planning so all elements from design to istallation are properly sequenced.


Manufacture usually will commence once the design process has been completed and all plans, specifications have been approved. There is usually no customer involvement during the manufacturing phase as it is simply the execution of the final design. All goods manufactured by Gabriel Custom Kitchens are manufactured in house and we only outsource when specialty trades are needed. This ensures our strict quality control is always met and goods leave the workshop complete and correct to job specifications.


We provide a complete installation service for all joinery and goods supplied by Gabriel Custom Kitchens. Correct installation is a vital part of the process and perhaps one of the most important. We understand this and ensure all installation work is carried out by a qualified tradesman and that any apprentices are correctly trained and supervised.